GodXP Spiritual Fitness

Anthony Polanco

Level up your Spirit; Realize more power! Join host Anthony Polanco (@antpstyle) as he interviews spiritual experts of all fields to discover what makes the optimal spiritual journey. Yogis, priests, monks, and superheroes share their stories of life and business here. Psychologists, authors, yoga teachers, pastors, evangelists, entrepreneurs, and shamans are the guests, a missionary-turned-yoga teacher our host, their stories our muse, and candid conversation our edutainment. Join us weekly for gems of wisdom to boost your spiritual fitness! Learn more at godxp.com.The GodXP Spiritual Fitness Podcast: Level up your spirit, realize more power. Join us as we talk consciousness, spirituality, mental health, psychedelics, psychotherapy, self-realization, and personal development to inspire advancement in our lives. This is the #1 consciousness expansion show. Together we share stories and seek to discover applicable truth and wisdom for life. With your host Anthony Polanco: Music artist, depression recovery author, and former Christian missionary-turned-meditation coach. Follow us on Social Media: @wearegodxp on Twitter, IG, Facebook and https://www.godxp.com

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