Reclaiming Consciousness

Alyse Bacine

For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Reclaiming Consciousness is a podcast dedicated to exploring how so many spectacular humans are waking up, exiting the matrix and fully reclaiming their consciousness. Your host, Alyse Bacine, is a mental health professional, spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner who helps people rapidly clear trauma. In her work with clients, she sees the profound shifts that people are able to make in their lives when they stop following the regularly scheduled program and start living the life they were meant to live. In this show you’ll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising consciousness and creating a new way of living on this earth. This podcast is your roadmap to deprogramming from the matrix and contributing to creating the new earth.

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