Knowing Me, Knowing You with Paula

Paula Lamb

Join host Paula Lamb, who from a young age of 16 became passionate about travel,  health & wellness & meeting people from all walks of life, which eventually lead to her career in the travel industry & then starting her own business in the Wellness Industry. Paula's passion currently lies in the Health & Personal Growth Coaching arena & she enjoys connecting with people from around the world, which is the spark that led to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing You with Paula' Podcast.  She tunes in from the West Coast of Canada (if she is not exploring the world) in this Education, Lifestyle & Personal Growth Podcast. Paula's mission is to entertain, empower & inspire listeners & viewers on her YouTube Channel to take action in their lives. Whether it be through fitness & nutrition, exploring alternative health arenas, paying attention to your mouth health,  travelling & exploring the world, laying down the foundations to goal achievement, supporting your mental health, re-igniting your spiritual journey, hearing & learning from stories of tragedy and triumph. This podcast is a mix of informative solo & guest interview episodes sharing a wealth of wisdom, guidance, connection, & food for thought.  Paula shares from a wealth of topics from the wellness arena, self-care, personal development,  spirituality, entrepreneurship, mental & physical health,  personal stories of struggle & triumph, cancer survivors, listeners will meet authors, travel experts & people who join her from around the world & from all walks of life. Join Paula as she takes you beyond the hello, where she strives to inspire you to be your best self.  Where we all learn more about ourselves & each other through the knowledge, wisdom share & storytelling. Paula looks forward to listeners' joining the KMKY community.

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