I Don't Know How You Do It

Jessica Fein

Meet the people who stretch the limits of what we think is possible and hear "I don't know how you do it" every single day. Each week we talk with a guest whose life seems unimaginable from the outside. Some of our guests were thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Others chose them voluntarily. People like: The athlete who learned to walk again and became a paralympic gold medalist after being in a coma for four years…The woman who left the security of her job and  home to live full-time on a small sailboat...The child-welfare advocate who grew up homeless and turned his gut-wrenching childhood into a lifetime of making a difference...The mother who worked with scientists to develop a custom treatment for her daughter’s rare disease…They share their stories of challenge and success and dive into what makes them able to do things that look undoable. Where do they find their drive? Their resilience? Their purpose and passion?You'll leave each candid conversation with new insights, ideas, and the inspiration to say, "I can do it too," whatever your "it" is.

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