Platform Engineering Podcast

Cory O’Daniel, David Williams, and Chris Hill

Welcome to the Platform Engineering Podcast, a monthly exploration into the fascinating world of platform engineering. This podcast caters to professionals and enthusiasts passionate about the intricacies of platform architecture, cloud operations, and scaling DevOps practices. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting in the realm of platform engineering, this is a must-listen show you don’t want to miss. Each episode features in-depth interviews with seasoned platform engineers, cloud specialists, and DevOps teams. Their expertise and knowledge are crucial for thriving in this field. Tune in as they share their experiences, challenges, and successes, offering unique perspectives into the everyday workings and innovations of this domain. Let their intriguing anecdotes provide you with valuable lessons that can immediately enhance your business’s competitive edge. Hosting the podcast are prominent voices in platform engineering: Cory O’Daniel, David Williams, and Chris Hill. Cory, a software and operations engineer in Los Angeles, California, has over two decades of experience in building startup brands and managing cloud operations. He created Bonny, an Elixir-based Kubernetes operator framework, and is passionate about AWS cloud, Kubernetes, and platform engineering. David boasts more than 15 years in cloud experience, working with various platform engineering companies. He founded the art collective Collision Ensemble and co-founded the DevOps company Deployboard. Chris, a software developer and operations engineer, is versed in Kubernetes and cloud-based technologies like AWS and GCP. His expertise in scalable system designs is pivotal in platform engineering projects. Join Cory, David, and Chris as they break down platform engineering with their expert guests. Learn more at

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