Eagle Nine: Locked is an award winning narrative science fiction podcast. A bomb-squad specialist named Fuse wakes in darkness, strapped to a chair. What comes next is revealed only by the blaze of explosions. Listen as Fuse attempts to escape and discovers just how dangerous the world has become. As he faces more questions than answers, will he be able to save us all? Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of our current technological revolution. Between ChatBots, Deepfakes, and Ai art, human ingenuity is becoming harder to spot, or is it? Eagle Nine: Locked was created and written by J. L. Busa; directed by J. L. Busa and Joe Bibby; produced by Joe Bibby; associate produced by Riley Tamblyn; graphics and design by Riley Tamblyn; artwork by John Hammel. Fuse voiced by Revel Pierce. Eagle Nine: Locked is a production of Driven Catalyst. © Driven Catalyst 2023

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