The Europe In Synch Podcast

Europe In Synch

The Europe In Synch Podcast aims to be a series of interesting and in-depth conversations with a diverse range of creative industry professionals from the business of music, games, tv, film, and commercials. Our monthly episodes try to capture as much information, advice, feedback, and best practices from our guests as possible, so that listeners can learn as they listen and take away valuable insights and memorable experiences. Europe In Synch is created, managed, promoted, and driven by several European organizations and companies and is truly a cross-border collaboration. The goals are to bring together young professionals from the music sector with decision-makers from film and advertising to provide a real-life, hands-on, learning experience, as well as promoting European music in the complex field of synchronization. This is achieved through various forms of communication, knowledge-building and networking via focused mentoring and peer training sessions.

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