Momma's Morning Cup With Quinn Menier

Quinn Menier, Certified Life Coach for Exhausted Moms, Time and Task Management Coach

Are you a busy momma who is looking to get to know herself again? You knew what you wanted to be but LOST sight of this. You are a busy professional by day, but want to also have meaningful breaks and take time out in the evenings just for herself. You want family time, and interpersonal relationships. I will guide you to discover new tools,long-term changes,and tap into what you really want and have a sense of integrity.I WAS ONCE HER. Until.. I used my toolbox.As a professionally trained Life Coach and Board-Certified Case Manager (Behavioral Health), I have the tools, techniques and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.Topics we’ll explore;Challenging Limiting BeliefsMindset ShiftsOvercoming Blocks and fearsNavigating Relationship changesParentingPersonal DevelopmentSelf Exploration/Life Purpose Career ChangesTime ManagementCheck out the blog and show notes at www.Quinn Community join.conciergecaregr.comDon’t forget to subscribe and review! 

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