The Great Exchange: Your Ticket to Life Lessons From the Movies

Melissa G Wilson, Billy Dexter, Shevaun Voisin, Colin Egglesfield, actor (special guest)

“We’ve all had them. Goosebump giving, life-transforming, other-worldly conversations we wish could last forever! Out of nowhere and in perfect timing, they shift our perspective and the trajectory of our lives. Meet Melissa Wilson, Billy Dexter, and Shevaun Voisin on the bridge of all possibility to engage first-hand, in “The Great Exchange." Here space is held for divergent views on the movies we love, the books we cherish, and the values we embody. Join us as we grow a nurturing community built on trust, where insights, energy, and loads of fun is exchanged.  You’ll find yourself in good company with other movie lovers. Guaranteed!”

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