Born in the early 80's and raised on African beats (his roots), Hip Hop, House, Break Beats, Reggae, Funk, Drum & Bass, Pop & Rock or Electro... Founder and DJ instructor/Producer at Koh Phangan ACADEMIX Dj School (since 2013). An uncompromising follower of the DIY (do it yourself). Constantly digging for new music, while shaping his own universe around various genres dj sets... He was just 15 when he discovered the Electronic scene alongside Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Nathan Fake, Oxia and more... Cruising "his way" between underground and mainstream, without worrying about the purists. Performed Alongside International Artists such as: -Stan KOLEV -Ron COSTA (FR) -EGBERT (NL) -Darin EPSILON (U.S) -Secret CINEMA (NL) -Joris DELACROIX (FR) -Marcus MEINHARDT (DL) -Citizen KAIN (FR) -Matan CASPI (ISR) -NAKADIA (TH) -Mike SPIRIT (RU) -Dj LIST (RU) -Kaiser SOUZAI (DL) -SUBANDRIO (SL) -LONYA (ISR) -David PRAP (FR) -Pauli POCKET (DE) -Mirco CARUSO (CH) -FAKE MOOD (RU) -Daniel SANCHEZ (NL) -Dj PIERRE (Fuse/Bel) -Elisa do BRAZIL(FR) -Dan BURI (TH) -BUDAKID (DL) -NUFORM (FR) -Christ BURSTEIN (AR) -Peter SCHUMANN (DE) -Dj TONIO (FR) -Ko KIMURA (JP) -AGENT! (DE) -GROUCH (NZ) -Al-Bird (AT) Meanwhile Leon gives you a flavor of his project through its "We Play" podcasts series. Contact:

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