True Birth

Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak & Kristin Mallon, RN, CNM

  Helping women have better births and better birth experiences. Our experts share their perspectives on pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. These are raw, honest stories about the experience of labor from the professional's point of view. Listen and get inside your OB/GYN or midwife's head. Our goal is to share the truth about pregnancy and birth with the listener and to explain our thought process. We see our role as one in which we guide and inform, presenting facts so that the laboring mother can make the best decisions for her.   If there are concerns during pregnancy or issues that need to be addressed before the birth, we present them, opening a dialogue and encouraging conversation; we give the options, but we can not and will not decide for the patient. We leave it up to her and her family. We are here to be as straightforward and transparent as possible and help a birthing woman have the optimal pregnancy, labor and birth experience. We serve the truth straight up in common English and steer clear of medical jargon. Our goal is to make medicine, obstetrics, and all relevant information as easily digestible as possible for the listener to enjoy, share and learn from. Each episode covers birth and prenatal topics through the eyes of Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak, a NYC metro area Perinatologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor, and his trusty side kick, Certified Nurse Midwife Kristin Mallon.

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