A mysterious curse. A grim investigation. A fearful village. All evidence points to something wicked. The fate of a girl is to be decided. In a world besieged by superstition and fear, the embittered and skeptical inquisitor Marcus Blackwood travels to the borderland village of Westgrave to investigate the curious case of Mary Shaw. Rumours of a curse are abound. An unsettling fog has settled upon the land, and those who wander those lands speak of a woman stalking the land.At the heart of the mystery, Mary Shaw’s life teeters on the edge of salvation as dark powers muster around her. Accompanied by his loyal apprentice, can Blackwood overcome his own suspicions and uncover the truth? Or will the truth force him to sacrifice more than he is willing to part with? Blackwood: A Gotheim Tale is a binaural audio adaption of Clyde Davis' debut dark fantasy novel. It uses narration and sound design to immerse the listener and place them at the center of the action.

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