Raising Elite Competitors

Coach Bre

The GO TO PODCAST for Sports Moms raising confident girl athletes! Elite Competitor Co-Founder Coach Breanne Smedley (AKA Coach Bre) is all about empowering moms with the tools they need to strengthen their athlete daughter's mental game so she believes in herself as much as you do (and plays like it!). Whether you're a sports mom with lots of seasons under your belt, just getting started on this sports journey, or somewhere in between... think of this podcast as your go-to guide to helping your daughter navigate the ups and downs of her sports journey. If you feel like you've tried everything to build your daughter's confidence and often don't know what to say to support her (especially when she's being super hard on herself), then you're in the right place. Coach Bre and her guests break it down into actionable strategies that WORK so that you never have to feel stuck not knowing what to say or how to help your athlete daughter again. Through what you learn on the Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes Podcast, you can ensure that your daughter's mental game and confidence is her biggest strength... in sports AND life! 

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