Swinger University - A Sexy and Educational Swinger Podcast

Ed Swinger and Phoebe Swinger

Welcome to Swinger University Podcast, a sexy, direct, and educational podcast about swinging. We share research on sexual health, review swinger events, interview experts and long-time swingers, share our personal growth and the lessons we’ve learned. Our goal is to help swingers and the sex-positive community by providing tips and practical advice through our direct experience and by curating credible resources for your listening and educational entertainment. If you’re curious about swinging, an experienced swinger, or seasoned slut, we have something for you! Join us in exploring your sensuality and sexuality in the world of swinging and sharing. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, experiences, and stories. Ed and Phoebe - Email: swingeruniversity@gmail.com - Call Us: (916) 538-0482 (Let us know if we can use your audio in an episode) - TikTok: https://TikTok.com/@SwingerUniversity - Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwingerUPodcast - Instagram: @swingupodcast - YouTube: YouTube.com/c/SwingerUniversityPodcast

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