She Coaches Coaches

Candy Motzek | Life & Business Coach

She Coaches Coaches is a podcast for new and aspiring coaches who want to create the clarity, confidence, and courage to become the successful coach of their dreams. Your host, Candy Motzek ICF mentor, life and business coach, shares the coaching, mindset, and strategies you need to start and build a fun and profitable coaching business from scratch. Whether you are a new life coach or if you’ve always wanted to be one, this is the place for you. Join us as we talk about how to become a life coach, starting your own coaching business, overcoming money blocks so you can make a great income doing the work you love, choosing a niche, and best of all, attracting clients that you love to work with. Listen in to create more meaning, more impact, and more money. Then when you are ready to take this work even deeper, go to

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