Zane and Rishi attempt to thwart the unending passage of time by talking about Super Smash Bros. Melee every week. Zane (@epengu) is a writer, video producer, and commentator. Although his first tournament was in 2013, he’s been avidly following Melee since his first wavedash in 2009. He formerly helped develop the social media and content at HTC Esports, and these days produces videos for Leaderboard Esports and is the lead writer for False Swipe gaming. You can stay up to date with Zane’s interviews on his YouTube channel: Rishi (@rishissb) is the Lead Smash Writer for Team Dignitas, a professional Melee player, and currently rank #36 on SSBMRank. He has been playing Smash competitively since 2005, and has competed in all versions of the game. Formerly from the DMV area, Rishi now resides in NYC where he works in marketing analytics. Check out more of Rishi's writing on his personal site:

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