Warrior Dad Wisdom

Aidan Lee - FitRoots

Are you a Dad who wants to lead his family by example? But you’re busy juggling responsibilities, and struggle to find time for your health and fitness? Imagine if you had a Warrior's physique and a Zen work-life balance that allows you to lead your family by example. Welcome to Warrior Dad Wisdom, where we use the power of Martial Arts, Philosophy, and Functional Strength Training to help Dads transform physically, mentally, and spiritually. Join your host, Aidan Lee, a fellow Dad, husband, and man trying to be his best before he leaves this earth, as he shares his expertise and guides you through the path of becoming a Modern Warrior. As Dads, we all want to be a better role model, a better husband, and give our families everything they need. To give your family what they deserve and more, tune in to Warrior Dad Wisdom now! Episodes are released every Monday at 05:00 London, UK time, and are around 25 minutes long. Aidan is a lifelong Martial Artist, starting in 1995 at 4 years old, as his late father, Sensei Dave Lee was the founder of Warlords Kickboxing Academy. Naturally, his Dad became his first Martial Arts teacher, and first role model. Aidan dreamed of becoming the Kickboxing World Champion, but had his life’s mission cut short by health issues bringing him closer to death. Once out of that dark period of his life, he bridged the gap between Martial Arts and Philosophy to create FitRoots. Warrior Dad Wisdom is the official podcast of FitRoots and its signature programme for busy Dads, the Modern Warrior Transformation. To see all episodes, notes, and additional resources, visit https://warriordadwisdom.com/

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