Welcome to 'Work it, Live it, Own it!' – the podcast where we explore the essential harmony between entrepreneurial success and personal well-being. I'm your hostess, SaCola Lehr, and fellow business owner, committed to helping you achieve sustainable success while prioritizing your health and happiness.As entrepreneurs, we often prioritize our businesses at the expense of crucial aspects like exercise, quality time with loved ones, and rest. Join me as we delve into practical strategies to prioritize self-care, manage stress effectively, and achieve harmony in all areas of life.Through candid conversations, expert interviews, and personal stories, we'll uncover the secrets to thriving in business while nurturing your mind, body, and relationships. Whether you're navigating the challenges of starting up or scaling your business, let's collaborate to live a fulfilling and sustainable entrepreneurial life.What exactly does "Work it, Live it, Own it!" signify? It's a philosophy that encompasses both life and business:Work it: Dive into your inner go-getter and take purposeful action towards your goals. From refining your business strategy to mastering productivity, we'll explore how to work smarter, not harder.Live it: Embrace a holistic approach to life and business, understanding that success extends beyond financial achievements. We'll delve into topics such as holistic well-being, authentic leadership, and nurturing meaningful connections, empowering you to live fully and intentionally.Own it: Seize control of your destiny and embrace your journey to success. Learn how to confront challenges with confidence, embrace your unique voice and vision, and craft a business that reflects your authentic self.At "Work it, Live it, Own it!", we take the whole human approach to business. Because we believe that if either our personal or business life isn't thriving, we will not live the best versions of ourselves.Subscribe now to 'Work it, Live it, Own it!' on your favorite podcast platform, and let's redefine success on your terms.

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