Go Behind The Numbers for What Matters Most In Business. It‘s an axiom in business that ”you can‘t manage what you can‘t measure.” Business performance and business valuation is all measured by the numbers. While Dave has spent a great deal of time ‘inside‘ the numbers, he has learned that the real stories and lessons-learned occur ‘behind the numbers.‘ Join business valuation expert and best-selling author, Dave Bookbinder and his guests as they go Behind The Numbers to understand what matters most in business. Want to be a Guest? If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on Behind The Numbers, connect with us here: https://linktr.ee/BehindTheNumbers and someone will get back to you about scheduling. If you find the content to be valuable, please subscribe and leave a rating. About Dave: Dave and his team conduct valuations of businesses, intellectual property, and complex financial instruments for a host of strategic objectives. Clients served are companies of all sizes, public and private, in various industries and geographies. Dave is on a mission to change the conversation about how the accounting world recognizes the value of people’s contributions to a business enterprise, and to validate what every CEO on the planet claims: “Our people are this company’s most valuable asset.” If you believe that people are a company’s most valuable asset, and want to learn more about the impact that people have on the value of a business enterprise, you might like the Amazon #1 best-selling books, The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals (white cover), and The NEW ROI: Going Behind The Numbers (black cover), which are available in hard copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere books are sold. Learn more at https://www.NEWROI.com

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