If you're asking yourself questions like who am I now? Where have I been? Where am I going? Am I happy? And, if not, what am I going to do about it? You need to subscribe to this podcast!Like all transitions, midlife can be messy and sad and glorious all at once, leaving many midlife women feeling rather alone and somewhat invisible. But what does this transition we are experiencing lead to?I'm here to remind you that if we manage our health and embrace it, growing older can lead to one of the greatest periods of growth and transformation of our lives.I'm Jo Blackwell, a photographer, author and coach for women who want more from their lives post 50. This podcast is part of my business, The Midlife Movement, on a mission to make the midlife transition easier through coaching, information and community.My aim is to help women step into a starring role in their own lives - whatever that means to you. The Midlife Movement was created to change minds about midlife and growing older, one story at a time. Because we only become invisible when when we stop seeing ourselves.email jo@joblackwell.co.uk to take part in the podcast.Browse the website to see how I can help you to become more visible in life and in business.Original Music and Production: Dan Blackwell

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