Making the Grade Podcast

Christine and Georgia

Making the Grade is an education podcast for current & former teachers to share notes, define success & assess their own happiness in the classroom and beyond. Throughout history in the US, teaching has been an essential profession that supports the next generation. However, as the world continues to evolve, the education system seems to be years behind in many ways.“Making the Grade” explores the metrics of success in the modern-day classroom with current and former educators. We dive into the challenging circumstances teachers face, & the unrealistic standards that many feel they need to live up to in order to thrive. Schools are now seeing alarming shortages where jobs used to be highly competitive. Why are teachers leaving the field at an unprecedented rate? How has our view of teachers changed over time? What do educators in the field want us to know about their hopes, hardships & dreams? The problems in education may seem endless, but so are the possibilities. Listen, laugh, and leave our episodes empowered to define your own success as an educator & an individual. Be sure to leave us a review & subscribe if you like what you hear!

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