X-Health.show - meet the future of healthcare

Alex Jani: interviewing visionaries of healthcare innovation

The X-Health.show brings to you brilliant minds behind programming living cells, tech that detects pre-term delivery in seconds, brain-computer interface or apps that employ AI to match you, your disease with the best treatment. For the eXtra Health of the future.You’ll meet visionaries from Switzerland who push the boundaries of healthcare. Engineers who teamed up with doctors, scientists turned CEOs, doctors programming AI-powered apps, researchers who abandoned university labs to improve your health.You’ll hear stories of promising startups founders and successful serial entrepreneurs. Patients who imagine a better way.You’ll  learn about new disease treatmentsunderstand how AI-driven health tech can improve your life grasp the way founders innovate or even, get inspired to jumpstart innovation at your company.Luckily, the X-Health.show is based in Switzerland, the most innovative country in the world according to World Intellectual Property Organization. For the 12th consecutive year. No wonder when the abundance of funds for innovation meets the ability to commercialize the discoveries.With notable research institutions situated nearby top pharmaceutical companies, there’s more to expect. More medical innovations, break-through femtech, life changing biotech, developments in digital health, genetic engineering, and  wearables, such as smart ring, blood pressure measurement on your wrist or ECG in your pyjama.Follow the show to meet these amazing innovators.

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