My Spoonie Sisters

Host: Jenni Weaver

 Welcome to My Spoonie Sisters a space and community for those with chronic illness(s). The Spoon Theory, created by Christine Miserandino, describes the limited mental or physical energy that individuals with chronic illnesses possess for daily activities. Those of us who identify as "Spoonies" must be mindful of our energy levels, as they tend to deplete faster than those without chronic illnesses. Whether you are new to the Spoonie community or a seasoned member, grab your coffee and tune in to hear fellow Spoonie Sisters from around the world share their experiences and tips for living with chronic illness. Whether experienced or new, and the term spoonie applies to you, grab your coffee, sister, and tune in as fellow Spoonie Sisters worldwide and I share our stories and life hacks in living with chronic illness. Don't forget your spoon!  All guests on or mentioned in this podcast will also be listed for your benefit. Be sure to rate and subscribe to My Spoonie Sisters and follow @MySpoonieSisters on Instagram for new episodes and more. If you would like to be featured on My Spoonie Sisters, please email me at We look forward to speaking and hearing from all our Sisters! *Disclaimer* I am not a doctor or a Health Care Practitioner. This is my and my guests' personal story and things we have done for ourselves. Everybody is different when it comes to medications and remedies. If you have any questions regarding your health, please speak to and ask your Primary Doctor or Rheumatologist.You can also visit our website at

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