HAPPILY HORMONAL | hormone balance, pro metabolic, balance hormones naturally, hormonal acne, PMS, PCOS, painful periods

Leisha Drews, RN, FDN-P, holistic hormone coach, period expert

<p>Balance hormones naturally, restore energy, and fix your periods even as a busy mama! </p><p>Have you found yourself searching online for natural hormone balance tips but come away feeling more confused and overwhelmed? Are you ready to have great energy again so you can stop reaching for caffeine just to make it through the day? Do you know deep down that something is off but keep getting told that “everything looks normal” on your lab results? Do pain free, PMS free periods sound like a DREAM?</p><p>Girl...I've been where you are and I can't WAIT to help you move forward.</p><p>In this podcast you’ll find…Simple & focused nutrition + lifestyle strategies to balance your hormones from the inside out, restore your energy, and actually focus on the root cause of your hormone imbalances rather than defaulting to band-aid solutions that don't work long term.</p><p>If you’re ready to feel confident in your body, understand exactly what your body needs, and see results like painless periods, stable moods all month long, and an increased libido, I’ll be sharing my tips & tricks to get you there - without restrictive diets, complicated meal & supplement plans, and definitely without hormonal birth control.</p><p>I’m Leisha Drews, RN, FDN-P, Holistic Hormone coach & mama of 3. I’ve been through my share of hormonal issues - irregular, painful periods, hormonal acne, and migraines. I learned how to heal & restore my own body and have come to believe that our bodies have an incredible ability to balance when they're given the right nourishment. </p><p>I’m on a mission to simplify hormone balance for mamas so you feel empowered + start to love your body again, because it’s working FOR you and YOU have the power to change not only your own health, but the health of your family for generations to come. Even if you've been told birth control or surgery are your only options - that couldn't be further from the truth & I've seen my simple, natural methods work BETTER over and over again. I’m bringing you my tried and true methods to feel good right now so you don’t have to wait till you’re done having babies, the kids are grown up or life slows down to be empowered and encouraged in your body and health.</p><p>Happy hormones aren’t just a nice idea - they're 100% FOR you and I can’t wait to show you the way!</p><p>Contact Leisha:Email: hello@leishadrews.comWebsite: www.leishadrews.comIG: @leishadrews</p><p>Want to work together?Nourish Your Hormones Course: <a href="https://leishadrews.com/nourishyourhormones">www.leishadrews.com/nourishyourhormones</a></p>

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