Social Selling 2.0

Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, Carson V Heady

The mission of the Social Selling 2.0 podcast is to provide details and insights related to the strategies, techniques and technologies that will enable you to become fluent with proven Social Selling strategies and techniques and to help you and your company transition to a successful Social Selling organization. Why does this matter? Traditional sales, marketing and lead generation techniques have become obsolete. Buyers, not salespeople, are in control of the buying process and have become less and less tolerant of cold calls, email marketing, and hard pressure sales tactics. The modern world of sales and marketing revolves around building relationships with your prospects and buyers with the goal of creating demand and building trust. The backbone of these new sales and marketing strategies is what is referred to as Social Selling. Specifically, Social Selling is defined as “Strategies, techniques and technologies that leverage social and digital channels to create strong demand and develop strong relationships with prospects, partners and customers that ultimately lead to business related transactions''. The successful implementation of Social Selling will help you and your team have more visibility in the marketplace, become a trusted advisor with your prospects and customers, accelerate the growth of your pipeline and revenue, and attract top talent and become the employer of choice in your market and industry. 

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