Wild Card - Whose Shoes?

Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes

Welcome to Wild Card – Whose Shoes! Walking in the shoes of more interesting people 😉 My name is Gill Phillips and I’m the creator of Whose Shoes, a popular approach to coproduction and I am known for having an amazing network. Building on my inclusion in the Health Services Journal ‘WILD CARDS’, part of #HSJ100, and particularly the shoutout for ‘improving care for some of the most vulnerable in society through co-production’, I will be chatting to a really diverse group of people, providing a platform for them to speak about their experiences and opinions. If you are interested in the future of healthcare and like to hear what other people think, or perhaps even contribute at some point, ‘Whose Shoes Wild Card’ is for you! Find me on Twitter @WhoseShoes and @WildCardWS and dive into https://padlet.com/WhoseShoes/overview to find out more! Artwork aided and abetted by Anna Geyer, New Possibilities.

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