The Mona Lisa Monologues

Lisa Ross Faust

Featuring Today's Women Shaping History, hosted by Lisa Ross Faust. If you can imagine, with 30 years of producing major events, I’ve worked with corporations, speakers, actors, entertainers, panelists, authors, owners, organizers, not to mention all the individuals behind the scenes. I’ve met some remarkable women – pioneers in fact. I’d like to reveal their stories of courage with you, with the intention of supporting each other, understanding, and learning from one another. Our conversations will empower and encourage women to embrace their inner strength and recognize the masterpiece that they already are. We have CEOs, Politicians, Professional-Athletes, even CIA Agents, just so many leaders, and each guest has a unique success story to share – to characterize their journey. All of these Trailblazing Women will interpret their personal stories of courage, resilience and triumph… full of passion, persistence and fearless dedication. Visit us at

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