REDEEM Her Time | Time Management Tips, Christian Solopreneur, Work-Life Balance, Productivity Planning, Time Blocking, Midlife Women Over 40

Lissa Figgins, Christian Time Management Coach, Priorities Protector, Recovering Should-Do List Girl

Welcome to the Go-to Podcast for Christian Midlife Women Solopreneurs who are ready to go from Random BUSYNESS to Faithful FRUITFULNESS. Here you'll find Time Management Tips using Time Blocking and Productivity Planning to create success in your business along with work-life balance so you can be more present in this season… and in light of eternity! You're juggling A LOT as an Over 40 Woman in Midlife- from supporting launching kids to aging parents to everything in between like... * Growing your Faith-walk * Nurturing your Marriage * Building your Friendships * Serving in your Business * Stewarding your Resources * Maintaining your Wellness * Developing your Passions * Keeping your Home... Ever feel like there's never enough TIME (or of YOU) to fit it all in? Do you wish you could stop… > Wasting precious time on less important things that take you away from your priorities? > Questioning what matters most and wavering in indecision or worry beyond the present? > Saying YES to demands or requests on your time when you’re already filled to capacity? > Being half-present with the people around you while thinking about all you should do? Good…cuz that’s NOT the Life + Business He intends for you. There’s a way to simplify and balance midlife + business so you can serve the Lord, nurture your family, make a difference…AND take care of yourself too! Hey, I’m Lissa, Christian Time Management Coach, Priorities Protector and Recovering Should-Do Girl. I’ve been teaching, leading and coaching Christian women for over 25 years. Once upon a time, my life was too busy– I was showing up on the outside, but not fully present inside. And I was building a business, but it was taking me away from who + what mattered. I was BUSY, but I wasn't FRUITFUL. Something had to change. I asked the Lord where He wanted me to focus… and He led me to manage my time with FAITH at the center. Wanna learn how I make time for…spending quiet time with God, enjoying date night with my hubby, pouring into friendships, serving through my business, stewarding my resources, organizing my home, pursuing my passions– and actually fit in SELF-CARE? Wanna see the exact systems I use to create my WITH-God Business Vision and set intentional goals with the right kind of accountability to actually follow through on? On this podcast I’ll teach you how to be confident, consistent and fully connected in the 8 key areas of your life + business by: > Redefining your God-given life + business plan to guide where you focus your time & attention. > Implementing a simple time management system to create regular rhythms and routines. > Overcoming the distractions that keep you from being effective and intentional. I can’t wait to help you go from BUSYNESS to FRUITFULNESS and discover you really do have all the time you need for what you're called to. Grab something to sip, open up your heart & calendar…I’m about to show you how to make the best use of your time… with God at the center of it all. Let’s get started. L.Y.L.A.S. (Love Ya Like A Sis), Lissa NEXT STEPS 1. Grab the free FILL YOUR CUP FIRST GUIDE + COACHING VIDEO 2. Join the free REDEEM Her Time Community 3. Schedule a free BUSYNESS BREAKTHROUGH Call Visit the REDEEM Her Time Website: Email Me:

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