A science podcast on sustainability and how _not_ to save the environment. We look at some of the misinformed ways people try to protect the planet, and what we should be doing instead. Hosted by Nature N8 (Nate Maynard), an environmental researcher working on energy, ocean, and waste issues. Recognized by SITRA Fund as a circular economy solution. 這是是一個挑戰大家對「環保」的既定觀念的環保節目,點評一些所謂環保,但實質上只有反效果的環保運動。主持人 Nate Maynard 致力於研究再生能源、海洋生態和廢棄物議題。 本節目入選芬蘭國家研發基金 SITRA Fund 的循環經濟解決方案。

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