Waste Not WHY Not

Ghost Island Media 鬼島之音

Waste Not Why Not (WNWN) is a podcast on climate and sustainability from Ghost Island Media in Taiwan. Debuted on Earth Day in 2019, it's hosted by Nature N8 (Nate Maynard), a sustainability consultant working on energy, ocean and waste. Media partner at AAAS Annual Meetings in 2020 and 2021. Recognized as a Circular Economy Solution by SITRA Fund in Finland, 2020. New season begins May 3, 2022.鬼島之音旗下的英文節目,由環境研究員及顧問 Nate Maynard (自然8)主持,探討世界環境永續發展的重要議題,每集聊一個重要的概念、或是跟專家訪談、有時也會去田野採訪。2020及2021美國科學促進會(AAAS)年會媒體夥伴、受芬蘭創新基金會肯定為2020世界循環經濟解決方案。新一季於將於五月三日開播。

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