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Dave Goodrich | Power Song Tribe™

Music is a wonderland filled with possibilities, opportunities, and delight. All of these wonderful aspects of the music world can leave you to wonder: how can I music? I’m Dave Goodrich. I’m a singer/songwriter/performer/producer/recording artist and music coach with a lifelong career in music. My songs have traveled the globe via radio, television, and the worldwide web. I’ve been an agent, a promoter, a student, a director, and much more on this musical ride of my life. Like you, I’ve sometimes found myself wandering around at musical crossroads looking for a sign that shows me the way to go. Let’s meet at the crossroads of your questions and get your music on track…and start turning your wandering and wondering into the wonderful musical delight you’ve been seeking. Want to ask me how to music and possibly have your question answered on a future episode? Email your question and the name you would like us to use in the episode to We look forward to hearing from you! Check us out on the web at More information about me can be found at Connect with us at Contact us at For privacy information, see Presented by Power Song Tribe™, a songwriting adventure company. Find out more at

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