From PayPal Mafia to Viral Startups: How David Sacks Leads Growth at Iconic Companies (with David Sacks, General Partner at Craft Ventures)

Thursday 19 May 2022
00:00 We asked David about the famous “PayPal Mafia” – and how he was able to recruit all these talented people… Subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to the exclusive content and his answer here: David was part of the infamous Paypal Mafia, the founder of Yammer, and today is the general partner at Craft Ventures. David shares some incredibly useful information for CEO’s, managers, founders, anyone who is interested in taking their organization to the next level. David shares his take on introverted leadership, how he tamed the growth at his past hyper-growth companies, when to throw out processes and so much more. Tune in to hear all about David’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!

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