She Who Dares To Be - For Women Ready To Create Real Change In Their Life -Inspiration, Transformation & Motivation

Sharon McCann PhD

The 'She Who Dares To Be' podcast is for Women ready to DARE and change what is no longer working in their lives and create a life that *actually* lights them up. It's for Women who have had enough of all the 'surface level' BS and craving more for themselves.The show is packed with real, honest (sometimes too honest!) inspiring and transformative conversations, interviews and all kinds of good stuff - to help you get unstuck, change what's no longer working in your life, and get going with creating what you REALLY do want for yourself. For the more alive you feel on the inside, the more impact you can have on the outside and live a life that actually FEELS good. She Who Dares To Be....Starts Now! So dive in, It's YOUR time, and you know it.

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