Welcome to CodePub …where technology, coding, and the incredible stories of development come to life. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, CodePub offers you the opportunity to further learn and grow. CodePub features a variety of categories, including: “Beers With” - a unique journey that uncovers the human stories behind the code. Join us at the table as we share a drink with innovators and creators, delving into their war stories, triumphs, and the passions that drive their work. These episodes are recorded in both Macedonian and English, and we’re actively working to make our content accessible internationally through captions and show notes. “Metadev” - explore the intersection of technology and real-world challenges. Get ready to unravel the intricacies of software development, navigate the dynamics of team collaboration, and delve into the heart of development culture. Together, we’ll demystify the world of software engineering, bridging the gap between technical skills and the human touch, from code complexity to team triumphs. “The Morning Commit” - a-twice-a-week short form podcast that deals with web dev news, the state of the local IT industry, and the latest trends in tech. All episodes are in Macedonian. So, grab your headphones and join us to the fascinating stories that shape our tech world. Here’s to shared experiences that make CodePub a distinctive and enriching journey! 🍻

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