TeacherParv: Celebrating Learning

Parveen Sharma

Teaching is a Celebration (Parv)! This is a Podcast to Share Learning. We shall bring learning ideas, smart tools usage tips, TechForTeachers, talks, literary narrations and discussions about education, learning, life skills, literature and philosophy. पढ़ाना एक पर्व है, उत्सव है जीवन के सार्थक हो जाने का! पर्व सीखने और सिखाने का! Share a VOICE MESSAGE via Spotify for Podcasters -(59 Sec) https://anchor.fm/teacherparv/message I am Parveen Sharma. I teach Communication Skills, English, EdTech, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Employability Enhancement and Literary Skills. I blog at eklavyaparv.com

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