This podcast is for High-Value decision-makers like Business Owners, Founders, CEO's and C-suite executives who want and need to Maximize their Life. By tapping into this show, you will discover how to Achieve Greater Gains with Less Strain! Each episode will feature a guest that is well-known in the industry, and already Succeeding and Achieving at a measurably High-Level. You can have success without anxious striving, without drowning in self-judgment, and without resisting a reality that you can't fully control. The things that have plagued you in the past don't have to follow you in the future. Let's build your fulfillment formula together so that you can have unshakeable confidence, an unbreakable chord to your resourcefulness, and increased awareness for High-Level problem-solving. Let's Maximize your abilities and best prepare you to take bold courageous action when it matters most, achieving Greater Success and Greater Gains with Less Strain! JAMES IS A STRATEGIST AND SELF-HELP HACKER THAT HELPS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE STOP THE SELF-SABOTAGE, RAISE THEIR STANDARDS, AND PARTICIPATE WITH UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE.

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