From Shadow to Sacred it's Sex in the RAW!

Yulinda Renee aka Doc YuRoc

Dr. Yulinda Renee Rahman, aka Doc YuRoc, is a Doctor of Clinical Sexology who specializes in the research of sexual trauma in the Black community as well as the potential healing powers of "Therapeutic BDSM," a term she coined during her doctoral research.She returns to the mic and shakes things up by pivoting the podcast's purpose, AGAIN! Returning back to the original name of the podcast and shifting Heal On Purpose with Doc Yu Roc to it's own platform!It's going to get a bit dark around these parts, but no worries, we always find ourselves back to the LIGHT!What was once shameful can become sacred as we purify and transmute the "taboo" into the TRANSCENDENTAL!Don't let the "woo woo" language fool you, though; around here, it gets RAW!From Shadow to Safe, to Sacred! Let's GO!  Onward---------------> 

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