Elsa Kurt is an American actress, comedian, podcast producer & host, social media entertainer, and author of over twenty-five books. Elsa's career began first with writing, then moved into the unconventional but highly popularized world of TikTok, where she amassed an organic following of 200K followers and over 7 billion views of her satirical and parody skits, namely her viral portrayal of Vice President Kamala Harris, which attracted the attention of notable media personalities such as Michael Knowles, Mike Huckabee, Brit Hume, and countless media outlets. She's been featured in articles by Steven Crowder's Louder with Crowder, Hollywood in Toto with Christian Toto, and JD Rucker Report. In late 2022, Elsa decided to explore more acting opportunities outside of social media. As of August 2022, Elsa will have appearances in a sketch comedy show & an independent short film series in the fall. Elsa is best known for her comedic style and delivery, & openly conservative values. She is receptive to both comedic and dramatic roles within the wholesome/clean genres & hopes to adapt her books to film in the future. #ifounditonamazon https://a.co/ekT4dNO Elsa's Books: https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B01E1VFRFQAs of Sept. 2023, Author, Veteran, & commentator Clay Novak joins Elsa in the co-host seat. About Clay: Army OfficerClay Novak was commissioned in 1995 as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry and served as an officer for twenty four years in Mechanized Infantry, Airborne Infantry, and Cavalry units .  He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2019.WarriorClay is a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School and is a Master Rated Parachutist, serving for more than a decade in the Airborne community.  He was deployed a combined five times to combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.LeaderServing in every leadership position from Infantry Platoon Leader to Cavalry Squadron Commander, Clay led American Soldiers in and out of combat for more than two decades.OutdoorsmanGrowing up in a family of hunters and shooters, Clay has carried on those traditions to this day.  Whether building guns, hunting, shooting for recreation, or carrying them in combat , Clay Novak has spent his life handling firearms.AuthorKeep Moving, Keep Shooting is the first novel for Clay.  You can also read his Blog on this website and see more content from Clay on his Substack.Media ConsultantClay has appeared on radio and streaming shows as a military consultant, weighing in on domestic and foreign policy as well as global conflict.  He has also appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts to talk about Keep Moving, Keep Shooting and his long military career.Get Clay's book: https://amzn.to/47Bzx2HVisit Clay's site: Clay Novak (claynovak-author.com)

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