Pet Health Junkies

Jessica L. Fisher, Pam Roussell, & Janet Cesarini

As a pet parent, you face more challenges with your dogs and cats today than ever before in history.What’s the best food to feed?How do I prevent illness and help them live longer?Maybe you currently have a pet living with disease or behavioral issues and you need a different approach for success.Welcome to the pet health junkies podcast. We’re so happy you’re here!Pam Roussell is a holistic health practitioner specializing in holistic health for animals.Janet Cesarini is a healthy pet store owner and advocate for health through nutrition.Jessica Fisher is a pet parent coach and positive reinforcement dog trainer.Join us as we share our stories, experiences, and all that we’ve learned to change the way we think about raising our pets. We’re breaking it all down and making it simple by sharing how we help pet parents just like you every day. Because when we know better, we can do better.

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