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What is justice? Who does it serve? Why should you care? When we think about justice, we think about it as an abstract, something that happens to someone else, somewhere else. Bad people. But justice and the law regulate every aspect of our interactions with each other, with organisations, with the government. We never think about it until it impacts our lives, or that of someone close.News, views and trues from The View Magazine, a social justice and campaigning platform for the rights of women in the justice system. Our guests are women with lived experience of the justice system whether as victims or women who have committed crimes; people at the forefront of civic action who put their lives on the line to demand a better world such as maligned climate justice campaigners.  We ask them to share their insight into how we might repair a broken and harmful system, with humanity and dignity. We also speak with people who are in the heart of  of the justice system creating important change, climate activists, judges, barristers, human rights campaigners, mental health advocates, artists and healers.The View believes that we can rebuild lives with hope, and successfully reintegrate people who have caused harm or been harmed, through the restoring nature of art and creativity, open dialogue and - love. 

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