Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

Michael Jay

Are you a passionate yogi looking to turn your love of yoga into a successful business? Or are you an existing yoga studio owner looking to improve and grow your business? Join us on the Yoga Biz Camp podcast, where we provide practical advice and actionable steps to help you achieve your goals. Our host and expert Michael Jay @yogabizchamp has over 14 years of experience running an award-winning yoga business and one of the most prominent studios in Canada and a prominent yoga business consultant helping yoga studios open or existing businesses refine their processes. Each episode features interviews with industry experts, including rocking yoga studio owners and business professionals who share their tips and strategies for building a successful yoga business. From branding and marketing to pricing and creating a sustainable business model, we cover a wide range of topics to help you succeed. Join us on the Yoga Biz Camp podcast and learn from the best in the industry, so you can turn your passion for yoga into a profitable business.

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