Yoga Biz Champ with Michael Jay

Michael Jay

Join Michael Jay, the Yoga Biz Champ studio consultant (@yogabizchamp), on the "Yoga Biz Champ" podcast, your essential guide to thriving in the yoga business world. With a rich background as a yoga teacher, former studio owner, and marketing expert, I bring you the insider's perspective on making your yoga studio a resounding success.What You'll Gain:- Insightful Conversations:  Listen in as I chat with dynamic yoga studio owners and top industry experts, sharing their journeys, strategies, and secrets to success.- Practical Advice: Each episode is packed with actionable tips and practical steps tailored to help both budding and seasoned studio owners flourish- Real-World Success Stories: Be inspired by real-life examples of yoga studios that have transformed challenges into triumphs.My Approach:As your host, I blend direct, fair, and humor-infused coaching to demystify the complexities of running a yoga business. My style is about being in the trenches with you, offering guidance that's relatable and effective.Why Listen?- Experience & Expertise: Leverage my 14+ years of experience in running and selling a profitable yoga studio and my proven track record as a yoga business consultant.- Diverse Topics: From branding and marketing to pricing and sustainable growth, we cover the A-Z of yoga business management.- Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about turning their yoga dreams into profitable realities.By tuning into the Yoga Biz Champ podcast, you'll gain the knowledge, inspiration, and confidence to navigate the yoga business landscape successfully. Whether you're starting out or scaling up, these conversations will be your roadmap to becoming the next Yoga Biz Champ in your community

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