Whether or not we lead meaningful and fulfilling lives depends entirely on the relationship between our ego and our Real Self. All these teachings from the Pathwork Guide are pointing to this, prying at it from a multitude of directions to help us open to this truth as our personal experience. For if this relationship is in balance, everything falls nicely into place. But now, as a new world unfolds from the new energy and consciousness sweeping Earth, many are struggling to find their footing. What every soul on Earth is actually noticing is where they currently stand on their personal journey to find their Real Self and live from this truthful inner space. After the Ego podcasts reveal key facets of the complex and fascinating phenomenon behind the inner “earthquakes” now shaking so many people, and walks us through the vital process of awakening from duality. Now is the moment for all of us to pay attention—not just to the unprecedented outer events in our world, but to what is happening within. Now is the time to wake up. (Please listen to chapters in the order presented.)

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