The HR L&D Podcast

Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment

🌟 Discover the future of HR with The HR L&D Podcast! 🎧 Get ready for actionable advice, innovative strategies, and transformative HR insights from top human resources industry leaders. 🌍 🔍 We dive deep into issues impacting people management, leadership, inclusion, wellbeing, employee engagement, DEI, and culture development. This show can be your key to optimising your knowledge to unlock the potential of your workforce and elevate company performance. If you're in HR, you can't afford to miss out! 🚀 🎙️ The podcast features interviews with top HR leaders shaping the people industry's future. Through agile, innovative, and strategic insights, the podcast offers listeners the capabilities, skills, and knowledge necessary to execute their HR goals. 🌐 👉 Subscribe now to unlock your HR potential! 💡 👉 Need HR Staff? Contact HR Recruitment Agency JGA Recruitment - / 📧 👉 Want to be on the show? Email: 📤"

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