The Payroll Podcast

Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment

🚀 Elevate your payroll game with The Payroll Podcast! 🎧 As the first podcast exclusively for the UK and global payroll community, join host Nick Day for cutting-edge discussions with experts. Dive into complex topics like international legislation, technology, systems, leadership, compliance, payroll recruitment, career advancement and more! 🌐 Stay ahead of the global payroll curve with insights on AI, strategy, earned wage access, wellbeing, DEI and more. Perfect for payroll professionals and global payroll leaders looking to embrace the future and enhance their strategies. 👉 Subscribe now and help raise the profile and drive the future evolution of payroll! 👉 Need Payroll Staff? Contact Payroll Recruitment Agency, JGA Recruitment - / 👉 Want to be a guest on the show? Email

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