The airwaves have been a touch too quiet, don’t you think? The studio has been dark, the curtains drawn, and the amps silent. But fear not, music aficionados, Riffs on Riffs is back with a full-fledged podcast revival. Riffs on Riffs has always been about the thrill of musical discovery, that tingle down your spine when a perfect melody kicks in. Every chart-topper is a sonic time capsule. We'll crack it open, trace its history, decode those cryptic lyrics, and unearth the hidden gems in its musical DNA. Hosts Joe and Toby are back as your audio archaeologists, digging up the stories behind the songs. But here's where it gets fun. From those melodies, we riff. Wild tangents, pop culture connections, personal stories, those "shower thoughts" sparked by a killer chorus – think of it as the ultimate deep dive followed by a freewheeling jam session inspired by the hits. Dust off your headphones and get ready to rediscover those songs you thought you knew.

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