The Connection with Jay Miralles

Jay Miralles

On 'The Connection' Jay Miralles connects his guests with the world! Listen as we connect the dots. Our goal is to get to the why!Jay Miralles was born first generation in San Francisco, California, after his parents arrived in America. He watched his immigrant parents work hard to support their family. Their actions and life lessons shaped who he is today. He learned first-hand how his parents’ work ethic allowed them to move from a basement in the Avenues to a middle-class suburb. As a teenager, he struggled in school with average grades and was easily bored with the norm or status quo. Jay questioned everything. He realized his independence was so important, he enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17. His love for country grew rapidly, and he realized many things people take for granted. His deployment to places such as Alaska, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, and more, shaped his perspective on how the world is connected. After ten years in the Air Force, he decided to move to Omaha, Nebraska. Some of the early jobs that gave him valuable experience included ten years in radio, a background in information technology, and teaching at a local college. He also co-founded three professional networking organizations. Eventually, he found a niche in insurance/financial services and real estate. He quickly excelled in sales, which led to coaching and leadership positions. His background has prepared him well to speak on stage, conduct podcasts, author articles, and serve as a go-to for interviews. His passion is more than just inspiring people; it’s working closely with individuals and organizations to help identify the opportunities for them to make the best impact.Jay and his wife Becky are blessed with four children: Aubrey, Jade, Jordan, and Mason. They have a German Shepard named King and a Pekingese Shih Tzu Poodle mix, Chewy, who thinks he is the same size as King. They all call Nebraska, home.

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