The Greatest Podcast is hosted by the Greatest Salesman in the World Francisco Lopez.⁣⁣I believe that in order to be a Great Salesperson and Business Person one needs to become a great human.⁣⁣I originally started this podcast as a platform to interview friends and business partners that are highly successful. As the months went by I realized that I could not get out the messages that I wanted to as fast as I was hoping for so I decided to create a segment called: “lessons to my boys”I figured that if any lesson was good enough to share with my boys, it would also be good enough to share with the world, plus even if nobody else sees or hears this message, at least my boys could have a way to always see their dad talking about these things and heck… maybe use it a reference. ⁣⁣I by no means think that I am the owner of the truth in any of these subjects and as the word “subject” suggests, I believe it is all subjective. I only speak of my own life experiences and the lessons I have learned from them.I do also believe that I offer some pretty interesting insight because I am fanatical when it comes to learning and having an open mind to any and all possibilities. ⁣⁣Listen to one or 2 episodes that draw your attention and if you find value, please subscribe on your favorite platform and share with others that might also find value!

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