Join me in studying the psychology of the extraordinary people interviewed on the show, who have overcome extreme adversity but survived and then thrived to tell the tale... The People Building podcast is delivered by Gemma Bailey - a trainer of NLP, qualified Hypnotherapist, author, content creator and entrepreneur who has spent decades studying the mind, body and human behaviour. Using her experience from private therapy practice and training, Gemma will unpick what's going on in the minds of the most resilient people and teach you how to develop those same skills within yourself. As well as hearing about our guest's edge-of-your-seat life experiences, you'll join Gemma in studying the psychology behind the stories. She'll help you to learn to identify the subtle nuances - a pause that lasted too long, the choice of words or the underlying drivers and values - that would, to the untrained ear go unnoticed. This regular podcast greatly values listener's contributions and questions and so we invite you to fully engage with our guests and our content. We politely request that you leave a review (5 stars is perfect ;-)) and leave a comment telling other subscribers about your favourite episode so far so that they know where to begin as they dive into the back catalogue. Ask questions on our blog and join us to get signed up for exclusive content at Watch the show recordings on YouTube Follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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