With over 1 million downloads, Selling the Couch is the #1 podcast for current and future mental health private practitioners. Psychologist Melvin Varghese interviews successful therapists in private practice about how they've built their businesses as well as top entrepreneurs, business/marketing, productivity, and social media experts. You'll learn how successful business owners get referrals, make money, work through fears, and how they've stopped "trading time for dollars" to diversify their income beyond the therapy room. Melvin also shares the lessons he's learning (good, bad, and ugly) and the tips, tools, and tech he uses to grow STC from a single-person business to the CEO of a 5-person 100% remote team. What you get are bite-sized and highly-actionable tips to guide your private practice and entrepreneurial journey. Please check out https://sellingthecouch.com/start to start your journey.

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