Jaclyn Brown was diagnosed with both depression and anxiety while at university. Her husband, Danny, was diagnosed with depression later in life. Together, they want to help you with your mental health journey. In Mental Health and Us, Jaclyn and Danny share what it's like to live with mental illness as an ever-present occupant in their everyday lives. From challenges living as a couple, to parenting two young kids, one of which was also diagnosed with anxiety when he was just eight years old. They'll also talk with fellow mental health sufferers about their journey, and some of the coping mechanisms they use to best manage their own circumstances. Each episode will be an open, honest discussion about mental illness, and why it's okay to not be okay. We don't have to struggle alone. We are in this together. Let's talk about it.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podder - https://www.podderapp.com/privacy-policy

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