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jay daniels

Brand New ! Listen Now ! Muffin Junkee -Sleepyard ------------------------------------------------------------Brother's Oliver and Svein Kersbergen from Stavanger Norways Legendary Band ... Sleepyard ...join Muffin Junkee Pod host Jay Daniels for a series of interviews about the incredible music of Sleepyard ! !-----------------------------------------------> You will hear an amazing selection of Sleepyard Songs ..Handpicked by Oliver and Svein ..including to new exclusive tracks from Sleepyards upcoming Album in progress Winter Crickets ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->And Rumor has it they have brought their special Sleepyard Dreamwave Accelerator Helmets with them to the Muffin Junkee Studio ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Give it a listen now ! Listeners please leave some feedback on this(or any other past Muffin Junkee Podcast) episode at : email me directly at

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